Who we are

We are a leading waistband and tapes manufacturer and trimmings supplier for the apparel industry, located in Romania and Tunisia, with more than 30 years’ experience.

Our main products

We produce all sorts of waistbands, bias bindings, perforated tapes, reinforcement tapes.
We trade a very wide range of pocketing, lining, interlining and various other trimmings for menswear and womenswear.

Our main markets

France, Germany, Italy, UK, Ireland, Bulgaria, Poland, Netherlands, added to our locals markets Romania and Tunisia.

Our philosophy

Is to tailor our products to our clients’ needs, and make them fully benefit from our areas of expertise.


The daily production capacity of our factory is about 30,000m of waistband, 150,000m of bias tapes and 20,000m of perforated tapes, and can be increased if needed.
The high quality of our products is guaranteed by modern equipment, high quality of raw materials, and very well trained personnel. We have our own mechanical workshop that provides any type of support for problems arising in production, and creates new machinery or components to respond to our clients’ needs.
Moreover, we produce all our folders in-house to make sure that any new waistband or tape counter sample is submitted in very short time to our customers.